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Chris Eaddy offers full service coaching for all classes of bodybuilding competitors. Team Eaddy athletes are coached as if from the judge's panel by an experienced competitor and judge. With Team Eaddy, your committment to the team gives you full service, hands-on access to every aspect of the sport.:

  • Periodic assessments and adjustments

  • Diets specific to each athlete

  • Custom work-outs

  • Posing advice and coaching

  • Suit selection advice

  • Tanning, hair, and makeup advice


    Six Month Minimum Team Commitment

     $300 down and $100/month

    12 Week Contest Prep

     $600 flat rate


Chris offers personal training sessions to both team members and non-team members. Each client sets goals with Chris and then uses a custom work-out designed to reach those goals. Whether your goal is weight-loss, gaining size, or simply living a healthier life-style, Chris can help you achieve it! Reach out to Chris to discuss locations and times.




    Non-Team Members

     $60/1 hour session


   Team Members

     $40/1 hour session



Chris offers individual posing sessions for all classes of bodybuilding competition.


   $30/30-minute session

Basic Meal Plan:

Chris offers a one-time meal plan designed to achieve your goals.

   $200 flat rate


April 2014

November 2015

Natalia Abraham Coelho

Figure Competitor; Second Youngest IFBB Pro of All-time

April 2016- Dallas Europa:

2nd Place, IFBB Figure

 2016 IFBB Figure Olympia

15th Place

Mariana Coker

NPC Figure Top 5 National Level Competitor

My name is Mariana Coker and I'm a figure competitor coached by The One and Only Christopher Eaddy. I met Chris at a posing clinic in 2014 and that year was an amazing start. 💪 He introduced me Into this sport and got me into competing at shows. I very much admired his straight forward approach to this sport. Chris teaches that hard work and dedication is what it really takes to move forward. He believed in me and I believed in him from the first day to this day at National Level shows. His team Is growing year by year and even if he has a busy life, he has never missed a show! He is always there and I appreciate all that Chris is! All you have to do is listen! You won't be disappointed! I'm very grateful to know him and excited for the future ahead!!!

Mariana's Transformation

May 2016- Team Universe

NPC North Americans 2015

Figure- 5th Place

Chaz and Coach Chris

2016 Jr. USAs

2016 Europa Orlando Champ

2016 Europa Orlando

Men's Physique Overall Winner

Chaz Williams

IFBB Figure Pro

Testimonal from Sarah coming soon.

Sarah Grace

2016 Europa Orlando

Figure- 3rd Place

Sarah and Coach Chris

After Winning Pro Card

North Americans 2018

Class H Winner & Overall Figure Champ

Ellen Woodley

NPC Women's Bodybuilding Top 5 National Level Competitor

"Fifteen years ago I set out to pursue a 15 year dream to become a competitive body builder.  I knew I needed to find the right trainer to help me reach my goal.  In the spring of 2001, I was introduced to Chris Eaddy as the right man for the job.  At the time we met I was 41 years old, 137 lbs and 29% body fat.   Chris educated me on the correct way to train, what kind of cardio to do and the proper way to diet.  With Chris’ guidance, knowledge and experience, I stepped on stage for my first competition in just 5 months.  Chris schooled me on every aspect of competition prep.  That first show resulted in a second place finish and six weeks later I won the overall at my next show.  By the following year, Chris helped me to another victory qualifying me to compete on the National Level.  Over my career, I competed in at least 30 competitions, placing in the Top 5 in about 80%.  My best placing in a National Level show was 2nd at the 2004 NPC National Championships. I could not have achieved these results without Chris and his passion for fitness."


     -Ellen Woodley

Coach Chris says: Coming Soon

2010 NPC North Americans

2nd Place- Women's BB Middleweight

2005 Nationals

2nd Place- Women's BB Middleweight

Jude Green

NPC Men's Bodybuilding and Classic Physique Competitor

2016 Europa Orlando

2016 Sunset Classic

Men's CLassic Physique Overall Winner

2016 Sunset Classic Men's BB

"Chris Eaddy, as a Personal Trainer and Coach, tells you not what is needed for a feel good training session but what is necessary for your dreams and achievements of your goal. He once told me in a somewhat angry tone: "Jude, no one is supposed to want to stand next to you in the pose down!" This came after my loss at the Orlando Europa. After linking up with Chris and weekly check-ins, I won my first overall title as a lightweight at the Sunset Classic, battling two heavy weights. My attitude is that of a perfectionist and even going at 80% of what Chris outlined I was able to achieve a vision in my head. Synergy of your own motivation coupled with the knowledge of Team Eaddy is an equation for success in the NPC world and ultimately the IFBB.."


       -Jude Green

Coach Chris says: Coming Soon

Marcy Porter

IFBB Figure Pro

Randy Chaney

NPC Men's Bodybuilding Top 5 National Competitor

2010 IFBB Europa

2nd Place- Figure

2006 California Pro

2004 NPC Nationals

Third Place- Men's Bodybuilding

Light Heavyweight

2006 NPC USAs

First Place- Men's Bodybuilding

Light Heavyweight

NPC Men's Physique Top 5 National Level Competitor

Testimonal from Chaz coming soon.

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